Shamanic Healing

Are you feeling stuck, anxious, sad, overwhelmed, or unsure about your purpose in life?

Do you want to feel more confident, grounded, calm, energized and in harmony with your relationships?

A Shamanic Healing session allows you to:

  • Let go of the past, attachments and habit patterns
  • Bring back parts of ourselves that were repressed or hiding
  • Release unconscious limiting beliefs and create new, healthy neural pathways
  • Feel connected to and supported by Life
Shamanic treatments

A shamanic healing treatment helps you release stress, connect to your own inner wisdom and restore a sense of peace and clarity. The session involves body-based meditations, breathing exercises and energy work, based on ancient Peruvian shamanic healing techniques.

In our present day society, we are often drawn to seeking joy and purpose outside of ourselves: getting constantly distracted by entertainment and stimuli, always wanting more and never feeling satisfied. In many ways, we have forgotten all the wisdom, fullness and meaning that are available to us from the inside. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition that aims to restore and deepen this connection to our deepest selves, to the natural world and all of creation.


In a shamanic healing treatment, we use techniques to work with the “energy field”, which is a field of information that surrounds the physical body. The energy field contains an archive of all our personal and ancestral memories, early-life trauma and wounding. These imprints draw us towards certain behaviours, relationships, accidents, and illnesses. By clearing these imprints from the energy field, we access lasting healing, transformation and well-being. By connecting to our deepest wisdom and establishing new healthy neural pathways, we feel more confident to move forward in life with ease and harmony.


In my first contact with Janine, I could feel my heart open. Her sessions were given selflessly, with love, respect, and compassion. To see the horizon and advance with hope, determination and courage. I`ve done a lot of therapy in my life. With Janine, it goes straight to the goal. As if I was running in circles and finally someone softly stops me to at last dive into the depths of Being. Deep work done on the level of earth and roots and done with a precision that still surprises me. Emerging from a session and seeing the world completely differently because we let go… Thank you Janine for your love and faith. I feel you as an ally in my journey towards inner peace and I feel blessed to be able to walk in a forest that is at times dark and be surrounded by such a beautiful light. Thank you.


Receiving a shamanic treatment from Janine was a very rich and deep experience for me. Her treatment had an impact on different levels of my being and profoundly nourished me. Janine offered me a space that was safe and kind enough for me to open to healing and really receive the benefits of the treatment. She is equipped with many tools and knowledge and at the same time she really knows how to listen to the patient and follow her own intuitions, which makes her approach unique, sensitive, powerful and personalized. I also greatly appreciated the fact that her approach was interactive, so that the patient may be invited to participate throughout the treatment, thus becoming an actor in his own healing.


Cost for individual consultations

90$ for 1h30
Insurance receipts are offered
Minimum 24h notice for cancellation

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