Yin Yoga Workshops

AYNI holistic health offers workshops that integrate theory and practice in a group setting. Their primary aim is to impart practical tools as well as to allow people to have a direct experience of their own inner wisdom.

Yin yoga and Chinese medicine

These workshops integrate the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the practice of yin yoga. They are offered on a seasonal basis, and include theory about the internal organs, the foods, attitudes, acu-points, practices and postures help to restore balance in this season. Through yin yoga postures we stimulate the particular meridians or energy channels that correspond to the organs of the season. Participants will leave with greater knowledge and tools for living in harmony with the seasons and cycles of nature.

Yin yoga for healthy women’s cycles

As women, we move through cycles of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual change every month that can, at times, be destabilizing. This workshop aims to educate women about the four principal phases of the menstrual cycle and gain more understanding and acceptance of natural rhythms. Through both theory and yin yoga practice, we explore the various archetypes and psycho-emotional states involved in each phase of the cycle. Through meditation, sharing dialogue, journaling, and yin yoga postures, we open to a greater connection with our feminine power and come into harmony with our natural rhythms.

Yin Yoga with Janine Maila on a bolster

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga where we hold postures for 3-7 minutes in stillness and relaxation. The yin practice deep releases the connective tissue, joints, bones, and meridians. It alleviates stress, anxiety, fatigue, and an overactive mind and nervous system. Yin yoga circulates vital energy and re-balances the meridians or energy channels of the body, bringing a sense of peace and calm.


You really get your money’s worth at Janine’s Yin style yoga workshops! These workshops are a great way to harmonize your energies in the changing of the seasons. I like the information regarding food choices and Chinese medicine information that is offered in flowing bits throughout the workshop. Very interesting and supportive environment. Thank you Janine!


Janine has a very gentle and empathic approach. Her intuition and groundedness allows her to understand the needs of the present moment and respond adequately, always checking if that resonates with us. All of this was present as much within the treatments as in the yin yoga workshops. Her energy is gentle and welcoming. All of this, for me, has been an important support on my own healing path.

Nancy Isabelle Labrie

Yin yoga workshops in your studio or centre

These workshops are offered in 3 hour sessions
or as weekend long retreats.
Prices vary according to format and location.

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