AYNI Holistic Health aims to support and assist individuals and groups in growing towards their full potential of radiant health and well-being

The word AYNI, from the Quechua language, means reciprocity. The concept of AYNI evokes the importance of harmony and mutualism within our relationships: between all aspects of ourselves (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) as well as with our environment (community, culture, ecology).

Integrating Chinese Medicine, acupressure and yoga, AYNI Holistic Health aims to inspire, educate and empower people with tools to create, sustain and enjoy optimal vitality and harmony within themselves as well as within community.

Janine Maila, the founder of AYNI, has a B.A. in Psychology and religious studies from McGill University, as well as certifications in Hatha Yoga (Sivananda Ashram) and Yin Yoga (HappyTree Yoga). In 2012, she received a degree in Energy Healing from the Four Winds Society as well as a Mind-Body Acupressure certification from the Natural Health Consultants Institute.

Since then, she has established a practice in Montreal and teaches trainings and workshops in schools and centres around Quebec. Janine enjoys helping people feel safe, supported, and connected to their inner well of wisdom. Her approach to health is holistic and values the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process of healing unique to each individual.

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